Adventure Dog Walks

Half Day Dog Adventure Walks

An energetic alternative to dog day care.

Jurassic Tails Adventures

An energetic 4 hour alternative to doggy day care in Poole, Dorset.

Looking for a more exciting way to keep your dog happy and stimulated? Jurassic Tails Adventure Dog Walks offer an energetic alternative to traditional dog day care!
I provide your precious pup with a fun-packed, mentally stimulating half-day adventure, leaving them happy and content.

Convenient Pick-Up & Drop-Off:
I’ll pick up your dog from your home or place of work near Poole, Dorset at around 9-9.30am.

Safe & Comfortable Travel:
Then we’ll travel for up to 30/40 minutes to a Jurassic Coast based adventure location in my professionally adapted dog vehicle with individual, ventilated, and climate-controlled crates.

Dog Adventure Time with Trainee Trainer:
We arrive at our dog adventure location this might include Forest, Beach, Lake, River, Countryside, Woodland or Doggy soft play (yes we really said soft play!)

Tail-Wagging Play & Brain Games:
Your dog will be encouraged to stimulate all their senses through an extended 90 minute – 2 hour walk & play depending on group energy levels & behaviour, this might include a variety of enrichment & dog training activities such as:

🐾 Scent work
🐾 Swimming & Splashing
🐾Bubble Play
🐾 Chasing
🐾 Socialisation
🐾 Hide & Seek
🐾 Digging
🐾 Command work
🐾Obstacle work
🐾 and the old classic of course; fetch!

Mid-Adventure Refuelling:
About half way through your dog’s walk we’ll stop for a quick rest, drink & treat, this might include grain free treats, some chopped fruit or veggies, a greek yogurt cup or similar which I’ll provide.

Wagging Tail Touchdown:
After the 90 minute to 2 hour adventure walk is up & your dog is happy & ready to rest, we’ll head back to the vehicle, those tired dogs will be offered fresh water again & I’ll towel any wet pups down, clean those muddy paws & brush through any mud & sand as appropriate.

Homeward Bound:
Your dog can then get comfy & settled into our dog walking vehicle where they’ll have their own individual ventilated & climate controlled crate with blankets to rest on whilst we’ll travel back, on return I’ll pop them to your place or work or home where I can top up any water or food & close any doors as required before leaving them happy, content, tired & ready to rest!