Book a Meet & Greet

At Jurassic Tails Poole, I understand that finding the right dog walker for your furry friend is a big decision.
That’s why we require a free meet & greet for all new dog clients!

What is a Meet & Greet?
It’s a chance for you, your dog, and myself to get to know each other in a setting that is relaxed and comfortable for your pup.


The Benefits of a Meet & Greet:

Peace of mind for you:
Knowing your dog is comfortable with their walker allows you to relax at work or enjoy your time away.

A happy pup:
A positive first impression sets the stage for a stress-free and enjoyable walking experience for your dog.

A perfect fit: We can assess your dog’s personality and tailor our walking style and activities to match their needs.

We allow 30-45 minutes for a meet & greet & here’s what you can expect:

Sniffing Out a Connection:
I’ll meet you and your pup at a convenient location, like your home or a your office or place of work. This allows your dog to feel comfortable in familiar surroundings while getting acquainted with me.

Tail-Wagging Introductions:
I’ll take the time to introduce myself to your dog using positive reinforcement techniques. This could involve gentle petting, offering treats (with your permission), and allowing your pup to sniff us out at their own pace.

Woofing About Your Pup:
This is your chance to share all about your dog’s personality, needs, and preferences. We’ll discuss walking habits, recall, commands energy level, favourite games, and any quirks or special considerations.

Answering Your Howls: I’ll answer any questions you have about our services & safety protocols. I want you to feel completely comfortable and confident leaving your furry friend in my care.

By the end of the meet & greet, you’ll have a clear understanding of our services and feel confident that Jurassic Tails Poole is the pawfect match for your furry friend! Contact us today to schedule your free meet & greet.