Poole Dog Walks


What does typical Jurassic Tails Poole dog walk like?

Here at Jurassic Tails Poole, I don’t just walk dogs; I take them on fun filled adventures!
Get ready for a tail-wagging expedition filled with exploration, exercise, & the delights that Poole has in store for curious canine noses.

A Howl of a Start:

Anna will greet your furry friend at your home or work place, ready to embark on a Jurassic journey.
I’ll double-check collars and leashes to ensure a secure and comfortable walk before we pop in the car to a fun filled location.

Sniffing Out Adventure:

Depending on your dog’s preferences, I’ll choose the perfect route.
It’s so important for your dog’s mental stimulation to experience variation, so I’ll switch up locations.
We have a variety of options, from scenic trails at Hamworthy Beach & Common to frisbee fun in the wide-open spaces of Upton County Park.
No matter the location, there will be plenty of exciting sniffs and sights to keep your pup engaged.

Interactive Playtime:

Of course exercise is important, but playtime is essential!
I’ll incorporate fun activities like fetch, tug-of-war (with appropriate toys, of course!), or even obedience practice (if your pup enjoys it). A tired pup is a happy pup (and a quiet pup at home!).

For dogs with good re-call they can be let off-leash.

Hydration Time:

I’ll always carry fresh water to ensure your dog stays hydrated throughout the walk.
There’s nothing like a refreshing drink after a good run around!

Back to Base:

After a pawsome adventure, I’ll return your pooch home, happy and tired.
I’ll provide a quick post-walk photo, GPS map of walk & update on any the exciting things your dog encountered on their escapade.

Every Jurassic Tails walk is unique, tailored to the dog’s individual needs and energy level. We can adjust the pace, duration, and activities to ensure a fun and fulfilling experience for your furry friend. Contact us today to book your dog’s next prehistoric adventure!


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